New Google Plus Interface – This Week in Google Plus

There have been a numerous amount of changes and updates within Google Plus these past 7 days, so let’s not waste any time and dive right in:

New Google Plus Features

Google Plus Gets a Makeover

As most everyone has noticed so far, as of this past Wednesday, April 11th, Google Plus completely renovated its entire look.  This change caught most everyone by surprise, yet it is a welcome one.

Facebook continually updates its image every few months, giving people a fresh new look at their social media (with positive and negative responses).  With this change given to us by Google Plus, it feels as if Google Plus is testing the waters to see what changes will stay, which ones may be tweaked further, and which ones may end up on the cutting room floor.  Here is an overview of the main changes that were made to your home page and news feed.


The change made to Google Plus that caused the biggest shockwave of responses was the addition of a “white space” to the right of a user’s news feed.  As of now, it is just a blank slate, but Google has confirmed that they indeed have plans for it, and it will not be used for ad space!  All that aside, the creativity of the Google Plus community brought us these gems of how people are using this “white space”.

Google Plus News

Google Plus Joins Google Analytics

In another move to combat Facebook, Google has hinted at the combination of Google Analytics with Google Plus. 

With this joining of products, Google will hopefully allow brands and companies (and hopefully individual users soon) to examine how their Google Plus pages are being viewed and interacted with by the public.  Read the article from here!

Google HUD Glasses Are Real

A few weeks ago, Google announced that they were currently developing HUD glasses to be released to the public at an unknown date in the future.  Well, this week the folks at Google released this video:

Not only does it look like the display will allow the user to still be able to function in their normal routine with the glasses on, but Google seems to be leaning toward a sleeker, thinner look for the glasses as well.  Google still has not released a date when they will be available to purchase, but it looks like we may be able to expect them on the market sooner than anticipated!

Those were the main stories from the past 7 days.

See you next week and happy plussing!

-Mark Gundersen

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New Google Plus Interface – This Week in Google Plus


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