Google Launches the Next Generation Search – This Week in Google Plus

This week has been filled to the brim with updates to already firmly established features in the world of Google.  Here is a summary of the most talked about additions!

New Google Plus Features

Google Plus Takes Another Step in Gmail Integration

Over the course of the past few weeks, Google has made leaps and bounds in working on the integration of Gmail and Google Plus.  Whereas some are skeptical with all the updates including Google Plus into their Gmail accounts and are holding out for purely Gmail updates, others are content with the changes that have been made

Users can now see other users who are in their Google Plus Circles on the left side of their Gmail home page.  By selecting these Circles with your mouse, you can see profile pictures for the users in that Circle and be able to see all the emails sent from them as well!  Google has also made searching for an email address integrated with Google Plus, showing their profile information when you search for them.  Read about the other updates to Gmail here.

Google Documents Allows Research While You Write

Google has announced the new feature “Research Pane” for Google Docs.  Now users can easily look up information while writing any document in Google Docs.  The Research Pane can easily be opened by right-clicking on any word in your document, allowing the user to research for specific words and phrases.

Once the information (quotes, maps, pictures, etc) the user was looking for is found, the feature allows for the insertion of the new found information right into the document!  And as a bonus, the feature also adds a citation of the information at the bottom of the document if applicable.

Google Plus News

Chrome Planning to Release for iPhone/iPad

With the new release of the Chrome beta for Android, Google’s next target may be Apple products.  It has been announced that Google is working on a Chrome application for iOS that is planning to be released in late 2012.

Read more about the developments here.

Knowledge Graph – The Next Generation of Search

Previously, Google Searches have been primarily concerned with matching individual words in the search and the relevance of information that matched these words together.

With the newly announced Knowledge Graph, when a user searches for a person, place, event, etc. they will now see a selection of relevant topics and allowed to search further when they click on one of these specific topics.

Learn more about the announcement of Knowledge Graph here.

Like always, Google has finished the week strong with updating already established features.  Check in next week for more updates within the Googleverse!

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-Mark Gundersen

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