Chrome Extension Combines Google Plus and Facebook – This Week in Google Plus

I continually wait for Google to have a “slow” week, but it just will not happen!  Here are all the highlights from the past 7 days.

New Google Plus Features

New Google iPhone Search

Google continues its current trend of continually upgrading all of its iPhone applications.  This week we saw the release of the Google Search app 2.0.

The updates include easy integration with your other Google apps, a simpler interface to choose whether you want to search for images, places, shopping, and videos, and a significant increase in then speed of your searches.  Read more about the update here.

Facebook for Google +

This new Chrome extension, “Facebook for Google+”, is what most users who have both a Google Plus and Facebook account have been waiting for.  It simply allows Google Plus users to view their entire Facebook news feed on their Google Plus account.

The extension also offers the ability to comment on friends pictures or statuses, as well as post your own statuses on your Facebook account through Google Plus.  So instead of switching in between two social media sites, users can now just go to one place for access to both!  Click on the video above for instructions on how to install the extension on your Chrome browser.

Tabletop Forge

This new feature may be developed for a specific niche of Google Plus users, but it is still an extremely fascinating way to utilize Google Plus to allow users to interact with each other in a brand new way.

Tabletop Forge is a table-top game feature, letting Google plus users play a real table top game (ex. Dungeons and Dragons) of their own design as well as adding the style of Google Plus Hangouts so that the players can actually see and hear each other!  Read more here about how this new feature compares to the previous internet table top applications.

Autocomplete Now Synced with Gmail

Users are now given the aid of searching Google through Gmail with the addition of having their searches autocomplete by using information found directly within their emails.

For example, let us say that you have been emailing back and forth with a friend regarding the obscure (fictional) event  of “GoogleManiaDay”.  If you wanted to see any information about “GoogleManiaDay”, you would simply start typing in the Gmail search bar, and “GoogleManiaDay” should pop up within a few letters of you typing the subject!  This obscure event would normally not be autocompleted in Google’s regular search, so this new integration of searching and Gmail should be useful to many Gmail users in the future. Read more here.

Google Plus News

Google Chrome is the Most Used Web Browser

Earlier this week Google Chrome was announced as the most used internet browser worldwide after a total of 7 days (from May14th to May 20th) of being #1 in the world wide statistics.

However, Chrome still falls to #2 in countries like the US and China, but there is a solid trend of more and more people choosing Chrome over Internet Explorer weekly.  Read more about the recent announcement here.

Check back next week for another update in the world of Google!

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