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Google Plus for Business – 11 Proven Ways to Make Your Posts More Engaging

Your customer’s stream is a constantly updating with new content. Depending on how they have chosen to circle you, there may be a slim opportunity for your post to be seen. We need to capitalize on this opportunity! Here are some proven ways to make your posts more engaging. The Structure of an Eye-Catching Post A successful post […]

Hangout Toolbox Gives You Access To 5 Google Plus Hangout Apps

We have seen some innovative apps since Google has allowed developers to create apps to use in Google Hangouts. Some of these enhance then Hangout experience, and some are used for utility purposes like being able to kick someone out of a Hangout. The Hangout Toolbox, compiled by Moritz Tolxdorff and Martin Thielecke, combines several popular Hangout apps […]